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 Calendar of Events

The events and programs featured on this page include those sponsored by MRSPT as well as activities which our organization may co-sponsor or participate in.  Please call 202-241-7276 for additional information.


  •  Fort Stevens Day Observances - July 14th

    The National Park Service and the Alliance to Preserve the Civil War Defenses of Washington will be celebrating the 154th Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Stevens on the grounds of this historic Civil War Fort, located at 13th St. and Elizabeth P. Thomas Way in northwest D.C.  Visit for updated information.


  •  Lincoln-Thomas Day - September 15th                  MRSPT will celebrate this annual commemorative event in partnership with the National Park Service   .  A wreath-laying ceremony and other tributes honoring Mrs. Elizabeth Proctor Thomas and President Abraham Lincoln at Fort Stevens will mark this special observance.